Panopto will generate captions for all new recordings that are added to a folder using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). Please note that machine generated captions will not be as accurate as human transcription and therefore it is recommended these are revised and edited before being made available to students. Due to this, the following text will be automatically added to the beginning of all Panopto recordings and play for 5 seconds:

The video captioning displayed here is not 100% accurate – please cross-reference against the primary sources (i.e. lecture slides and any accompanying notes) and contact the lecturer if you have queries.


  • For recordings one hour or shorter, captions will be available after 8 hours or sooner. 
  • For recordings over an hour, captions will available after 24 hours or sooner. 

Once the captions have been processed, a CC Icon will appear next to the recording when viewed in the folder.

Editing ASR Captions

Users who wish to edit captions on a recording must have creator access to the relevant folder. 

Once captions have been successfully processed, you can edit their text by the following the steps listed below: 

  1. Go to Panopto and log in with your Imperial College username and password. 
  1. Navigate to the recording that you wish to edit the captions and open the Panopto Editor by hovering over the recording and selecting Edit
  1. Select Captions from the left-hand menu. 
  1. To edit individual captions, click the three vertical-dot menu next to the caption and select Edit. From here you can change the text and time that the caption appears to the viewer. 

Edit text





5. If required, you can delete the caption by selecting Delete

6. At any time whilst making edits, you can press Shift + Space to play or pause the recording.

7. Once the captions have been edited, save any changes by selecting Apply in the top right-hand corner. 

apply revert

Deleting captions

In some instances, you might find it necessary to delete the captions from a Panopto recording. You can do this by the following the steps listed below: 

  1. Go to Panopto and log in with your Imperial College username and password. 
  2. Navigate to the recording that you wish to delete the captions for, hover over the recording and select Settings.
  3. Select Captions and then select the arrow next to Default. This will display details of the default generated ASR captions that are associated with this recording.
  4.  Select Delete Captions and the select OK to remove the captions from your recording.

If you need to restore the captions for a recording, please follow the steps listed in the section below.

Captioning for existing recordings

Captions are generated at the time a recording is uploaded. For older recordings the captioning quality will have a lower accuracy than newer recordings due to improvements in ASR technology.

Please follow these instructions to add ASR captions to a Panopto recording:

1.     Go to Panopto and log in with your Imperial College username and password. 

2.     Navigate to the recording that you wish to add captions to and open the Panopto Editor by hovering over the recording and selecting Edit

3.     Select Captions from the left-hand menu, and then select the Import captions drop-down menu. Select Captions from the left-hand menu, and then select the Import captions drop-down menu.

4.     If no captions currently exist, you can request ASR captions for this recording by selecting Import automatic captions

5.     Once the captions have been requested, you will receive an estimate for the time taken to process. Select Apply in the top right-hand corner to save your changes and then allow time for the captions to process. 

It is recommended captions are revised and edited before being made available to students. 

The Import automatic captions option was made available by Panopto on 17/12/2016. Any sessions recorded before that date will need to have captions processed by Panopto support. Please raise a request with the Service Desk via ASK if this is required. 


Further assistance on providing captions

Please see the Imperial College guidance on providing descriptive captions for your recordings.