Folders are the main organisational tool used in Panopto.

  • Anyone with an Imperial College user account can be given permission to either view (Viewer) or edit (Creator) the content of a folder.
  • Access to a folder is administered by users that have the Creator permission to that folder.
  • A Panopto folder contains sub-folders. Sub-folders inherit the permissions of the parent folder immediately above, unless the access is specifically changed for a sub-folder.

ICT do not give users access to folders or administer the recordings contained within them. It is the responsibility of the content owner (Creator) to organise access to Panopto content folders.  If you require either Viewer or Creator access to a folder, then contact the owner. This might be your Course Leader, Learning Technologist or your Departmental Office.

To navigate through folders that you have access to, click on Browse on the left hand side of the screen. This will display All Folders and My Folders, allowing you to navigate to the desired folder. If a folder appears greyed out, it means that you have access to a sub-folder somewhere within that folders hierarchy: click on the arrow next to the folder to explore.

Manage Panopto folders

Sharing Panopto content folders

Navigate to the required folder and select the Share icon in top right-hand corner of the screen.

This screen provides you with a viewing link. Copy, paste and send the link to the intended viewers and they will be able to directly access the folder.

If you select Embed, an embed code is displayed, allowing you to add the recordings to webpages and Blackboard courses. If adding to a Blackboard course, the folder will need to be setup with the correct viewer access permissions for the students on the course.

The Who has access section lists what type of access is set for that folder, who can access the folder and what level of access they have.

  • Specific People – Only users or groups listed in this section have access. Creators can make any changes and edit any content within this folder. Viewers can view any content within the folder.
  • Anyone at your organization with the link – Any user with an Imperial College London account can view this folder and its content provided they have the link.
  • Anyone at your organization - Any user with an Imperial College London account can view this folder and its content and it can be searched for within the Panopto navigation interface.

To give users access, enter their name, username or email address in the Invite people field and select the level of access required. If required, the user can be notified by email.

You can also give access to groups and distribution lists using the same method.

Note: When adding users, always wait for the drop-down list to appear and select from that. Do not just add their credentials.

Manage Panopto content folders

Renaming a folder

Panopto content folders can be renamed. Navigate to the folder and then to the Settings of the folder by selecting the cog in the top right of the screen. By the name field, select Edit and enter the new name.

Changing the parent folder

Panopto content folders can be moved to another folder that you have creator access to. Please be aware that access permissions will remain the same and will not be inherited from the new parent folder. Navigate to the folder and then to the Settings of the folder by selecting the cog in the top right of the screen. By the Parent Folder field, select Edit and select the new parent folder from the drop-down menu.

Making a subfolder

You can create a subfolder by selecting Add folder from within any Panopto folder. Alternatively, you can use the blue Create button and select New Folder.

Notes on naming folders

When naming a folder try to incorporate as much information as possible and follow any naming convention set by your Faculty or Department. A folder will often contain the content for a course in Blackboard and students may not be aware of terminology used in Panopto.  You may want to include the following:

  • Faculty/Department Name
  • Academic Year
  • Course Code/Name

Folder download settings

For each of your folders you have the option to make recordings available for viewers to download as Podcasts. If enabled, Viewers will be able to download all content within the folder to their personal device.

If you would like to change how recordings are displayed when downloaded, this can be done for each individual recording. Please view the manage and edit recording section for more information.

To enable recordings to be downloaded carry out the following steps:

  1. Navigate to a folder and select the Settings cog.
  2. Go to Settings tab on the folder menu
  3. Under the Downloads section, select the required setting:
  • No one – no user can download content from this folder, however this setting can be overridden by users with creator access to the folder.
  • Admins only – Only permit site-wide system admins to download
  • Admins, videographers and creator only – Only users with roles that are held by staff can download: videographers are generally Faculty Learning Technologists. Creators must be assigned access to the folder to be able to download content.
  • Authenticated users with access – Allows viewers (students) to download content and all other user types providing they have access to the folder.

Podcast Subscription/RSS feed

Viewers can access an RSS feed of MP4 Podcasts for a folder by selecting the RSS feed button in the top right-hand corner of a folder. From this they can subscribe to the folder and receive notifications when new content is released.

To turn the RSS feature off or on (the feature is activated as default), carry out the following steps:

  1. Navigate to a folder and select the Settings cog.
  2. Go to Settings tab on the folder menu
  3. Ensure that Enable podcast feed is ticked

If you want to provide an RSS link for students to use, it is best to do this for a whole folder by selecting the folder, pressing the RSS icon and choosing the option you require.

Panopto Assignment folder

The Panopto Assignment Folder provides staff with the ability to create a subfolder in an existing folder that students can upload their own recordings to.

The student submissions to the Assignment Folder can be viewed by their tutor and, if required, shared with other students of the parent folder.

To give students access to the assignment folder function, they must first be added as a Viewer to the parent folder that will contain the assignment folder.

Creating an Assignment Folder 

  1. Go to the Settings of the parent folder for the course
  2. On the Overview screen, click on the button labeled "Create Assignment Folder"
  3. Once the assignment folder is created, you will see a new link that is <name of folder> [assignments]
  4. On the main folder page, you will see that the folder has been added as a subfolder to the original with the word "[assignments]" appended to the end. 
  5. Now students that have viewer access to the original folder in this example will be able to add content to the newly created [assignments] folder.

Allow all users in an assignment folder to view other users' content

This allows all viewers (students) to view other users’ content that has been uploaded to an assignment folder. By default, this setting is not activated.

Click on Settings for an assignment folder and select the Allow viewers to see each other’s sessions tick box.

Closing an assignment folder

An assignment folder can be closed to new submissions. This will prevent viewers uploading further content and only folder creators will still be able to view the content.

  1. Go to the folder settings
  2. On the Overview screen, scroll down to where it says Assignment Folder. Select Close

Details on submitting recordings to an Assignment Folder can be found on the Panopto Assignment Folder (students) page.