If you would like to share content with an external audience (i.e. not Imperial staff and students), this is possible, but there are restraints due to our licensing agreement with Panopto. 

Guest Access Method 

External audiences can be given guest or conference access accounts to Imperial systems and these can be used to view Panopto recordings. This method is advised if you have a limited number of external users. 

  1. Create a Guest/Conference account 
  2. Once the Guest/Conference accounts have been created, you can set the share permissions on your Panopto content to allow the individual users access. 
  3. Alternatively, you can create a distribution list that contains all the intended viewers and add this using the same method. How to create a distribution list. 

Selecting Your Organization (unlisted) in the Share section for either Folders or Recordings is a good option if you don't want to individually add users and would rather send out a viewing link. 

The Guest Access Method has the advantage that viewers can watch the recording live via the webcast option. For more information on Webcasting, please see our create a recording help materials

External Hosting Method 

All recordings in Panopto can be downloaded as an MP4 or MP3 podcast depending on the settings of the folder or recording. Once downloaded, a recording can then be uploaded to a media content sharing site such as YouTube. This can then be freely shared with external viewers. Using this method means that you will not be able to take advantage of any of Panopto’s features such as webcasts or quizzes. 

For further information about enabling downloads, please see our manage and edit recordings help materials.