Panopto consists of folders which contain recordings. Often a folder in Panopto will correlate to your course. Access to folders and recordings in Panopto is administered by the owner of the content, who is likely to be your faculty or department.  

If you cannot view a recording or folder that you believe you should be able to, then please contact your faculty or department student office. 

Panopto user guide (student)

View recordings in Panopto

Viewer access to Panopto recordings is administrated by either the Faculty or Department or the owner of the content. Your department can advise you on how best to access recordings that are hosted on Panopto. 

If you need access to a Panopto recording, then you should contact your Department Office and they can provide access as appropriate. If there is a technical issue then they can raise it on your behalf.

Links to recordings will be made available to you via Blackboard (our Virtual Learning Environment or VLE), the VLE used by your department, or through accessing Panopto directly.

Viewer requirements for watching Panopto recordings can be found on the Panopto website.

Access recordings in Panopto Using a Web Browser

To access Panopto via a web browser, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Imperial Panopto page
  2. Enter your College username and password
  3. Click Login
  4. Navigate to recordings that have been shared with you by using the menu toolbar on the left of the homepage, or by searching at the top of the screen.

Alternatively, you can search by folder. Folders that you have access to are listed under Browse. Expand this menu and navigate to the course folder that you require. If a Folder is greyed out, it means that you have access to a sub-folder in that hierarchy. You can expand the greyed-out folder(s) to find the folder you have access to.

Download recordings

Recordings can be downloaded from Panopto for you to view on your own personal device.

The ability to download content from Panopto is at the discretion of your Faculty, Department or the content owner and might not be available for download for a specific reason. If you cannot download a session, you can request that the content is made available by contacting your Course Leader or Departmental Office.

Download a session

1.    Go to the Imperial Panopto page
2.    Enter your College username and password.
3.    Search for and then click on the session that you would like to download. It will open in a new window.
4.    Select the downward grey arrow in the top right of the screen. This will save the recording to your local device. 

Please note: If no grey arrow is displayed, this recording has not been made available for download. Contact your Course Leader or Department Office for more information.

Assignment folder

A Panopto 'Assignment' folder is a subfolder that enables you to submit your own recordings to Panopto. An Assignment Folder is typically administered by a course leader or other member of faculty staff. Submitted recordings can be public (to other students on the course) or private – check with your course leader to find out the settings for different Panopto assignment folders.

Recording to an assignment folder

You can upload content to Panopto that has been prerecorded or you can create a new recording via the Panopto Personal Recorder. Please view the Panopto staff user guide page for instructions on how to create a recording, manage a recording and install the Panopto Personal Recorder. 

Upload Media

  1. Go to the Imperial Panopto page
  2. Click on Create at the top of the screen and select Upload Media
  3. Select the appropriate folder you would like to upload to from the drop down Choose a folder menu
  4. Drag the required files into the dotted box. Most audio and video file types are compatible with Panopto.