The tools listed below are provided by the ICT Digital Education team to help you deliver remote teaching at Imperial College. 

If you're experiencing an issue with an online remote exam, visit our remote exams support service web page for guidance on how ICT can help. 

ICT recommends recording lectures in advance if your internet speed is poor. Lectures can be uploaded to the cloud and the lecture time can be used for discussion forum over voice or text chat. 

Blackboard Learn (Virtual Learning Environment) 

Blackboard Learn enables Imperial staff and students to deliver courses and programmes remotely. Its broad functionality allows for a dynamic and immersive teaching and learning experience. Blackboard Learn courses can be used to: 

  • Deliver important course documentation and information  
  • Encourage communication and collaboration through online discussion  
  • Assignments and tests can be set completed and marked, with in-depth grading and feedback. 
  • Student progress and engagement can be tracked and analysed through in-depth reporting tools 
  • Panopto content can be added to a Blackboard course, further enhancing the learning experience  

Blackboard Sandboxes

You can create Blackboard Sandbox Courses to test and experiment with the different features, tools and content available. These can be used to help staff development course design skills and get to know their way around Blackboard, in a course that is only accessible to them. 


Remote teaching can be effectively delivered using Panopto to capture and present multiple streams of content. Audio, video, screen and slides can be combined into one recorded session and shared with Imperial College students.  

Panopto Personal Recorder

You can record, edit and share new teaching and learning resources using the Panopto Personal Recorder. This app is to install and use on your personal device. 

Panopto Assignment Folder

Panopto Assignment Folder offers the ability to create a submission point for students to upload their own recordings to.

Collaborative Tools 


Microsoft Teams allows for meetings to take place remotely, offering easy collaboration and discussion for Imperial staff and students.  


Mentimeter is an online survey and polling tool, available to both staff and students, that can be used to gauge the opinions or knowledge of participants. 

Training webinars

 The Digital Education Team will run regular Training Webinars for our key systems. Hosted on Microsoft Teams, attendees will be required to book for these sessions, please see the links below.  


Panopto training

A comprehensive look at the Panopto system, this session will cover: 

  • Installing the Panopto Personal Recorder 
  • Making recordings with Panopto using the Personal Recorder 
  • Organising and editing Panopto recordings 
  • Management and sharing of Panopto recordings and folders 
  • Setting up Webcasts (live streaming) 
  • Creating Assignment Folders and Quizzes  

Turnitin training

Looking at the technical aspects of the Turnitin system, this session will cover: 

  • Turnitin Essentials, including how to access Turnitin  
  • Creating a Turnitin assignment in Blackboard 
  • Options available in setting up and submitting assignments  
  • How students submit an assignment  
  • How to use the Turnitin Feedback Studio for grading  
  • How to access and interpret a Turnitin similarity report 

Blackboard training

The Digital Education Team are currently delivering two types of training for Blackboard Learn:

Online one-to-one sessions

These sessions will cover any Blackboard subjects or issues as requested.

These are booked through MS Bookings and will be hosted on Microsoft Teams.

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Introduction to Blackboard Learn

Our introduction to Blackboard Learn training webinars cover the key concepts of Blackboard, including:

  • Adding and managing content, including adaptive release and content collections
  • Structuring learning experiences in Blackboard
  • Communication and collaboration tools
  • Setting assignments and tests

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Advice and Guidance 

Library Services 

Library Services can provide teaching advice and facilitate access to e-books, e-journals and databases. The Library Learning and Teaching team offer one to one support and online teaching sessions to Faculty staff. 

Faculty links 

Please follow any specific advice given by your Faculty remote teaching guides:  

Getting in touch 

If you are experiencing technical issues or need to get in touch with Digital Education team please contact the ICT Service Desk 

Digital Education Bulletin  

The Digital Education Bulletin provides a monthly update on E-Learning systems, including outages and usage statistics, as well and information from vendors on content and upcoming events.