From Monday 20 April 2020, ICT is launching a new service which will provide priority access and dedicated technical support to staff to help students who are undertaking time-limited remote assessments. 

The service will be available Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 6pm (BST) and can be accessed using this form or urgent issues can be raised by contacting your Departmental examinations contact using the details provided to you.

How we can help

The team will be able to help staff and students with:

  • Personal device support where issues are preventing students from submitting their exam scripts or being able to receive the examination question paper
  • Help in scanning their exam paper as part of the exam submission process
  • Critical platform issues with Blackboard or Turnitin that are affecting remote assessments
  • Support for departmental staff who are having IT issues that prevent them from managing the remote exam, e.g. Teams, shared mailboxes

This new service will ensure technical issues are resolved quickly, reassure staff and students undertaking remote exams and allow ICT to problem solve and prevent future technical issues.


Students should raise any urgent or critical issues that are preventing them take part in any exam with their Department. If the reported issue relates to a technology issue the member of staff can complete a standard ASK web form which raises a priority ticket with the dedicated Remote Exam Support Desk. Once a ticket is received by ICT it will be triaged and passed to the most appropriate technical support team for resolution. Normal ICT incident management processes will apply. At all times comprehensive records will be maintained regarding the progress of the incident and its resolution so that this information can be used to manage any subsequent exam/mitigating circumstances appeals. ICT will liaise with Faculty EdTech teams as appropriate.

Students will be emailed when the ticket is submitted. To delay the sending of a confirmation email to a student, complete the web form at the end of the exam.

If departments add their exam mailbox into the webform, they will receive copies of emails sent to students for information. A rule can be used to divert these into a folder for ease of use.


This is a new service in response to the need to carry out TRAs. We would welcome your feedback on any areas for improvement, particularly in the first few weeks of exams so we can consider adjustments to improve the service. Please contact your Digital Partner to provide feedback.