Before you access GradeMark you need to set up a TurnitinUK assignment.

Accessing GradeMark

To access GradeMark on Turnitin, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Assignment Inbox and click on the Assignment name. You will see a list of students. If they have submitted an assignment that is ready to be graded then you will see a pencil under the Grade column. This will indicate that you can begin grading the paper.
  2. Click on the pencil to begin grading.

You can also access the GradeMark interface from the Turnitin interface. Simply click on the GradeMark button on the top left hand corner. The buttons in between allow overlays of the other tools.

GradeMark button and tools

On the bottom left hand corner of the interface you will see an information button: a circle with a lowercase i in it. If you click on this icon, you will be able to view some general paper information.

  • Paper ID: Every paper has a unique number attached to it.
  • Submitted On: When the paper was submitted.
  • Word Count: The word count is important as it is used to help determine the percentage of matches and therefore possible plagiarism.
  • Character Count: The number of characters used in the document.
  • Submissions: When the assignment is set up the instructor has the option to allow students to submit their work more than once (Blackboard version only). If this is the case you will be able to see how many times the student has submitted. In the example below the student has submitted once.
  • Overall Originality: The percentage of similarity in the document.
  • Originality - Internet, Publications and Student Papers: This displays the similarity by source. You will see the percentage for matches that have been found from each of the three main Turnitin databases (i.e. i) the internet, ii) Publications and iii) Student Paper databases). Matching text can exist in two or more databases and these will include all of the additional/hidden sources. It is therefore possible that the percentages shown might add up to greater than 100%.
  • GradeMark: Last graded, comments and QuickMarks: This will tell you when the item was last graded, the amount of comments and the amount of QuickMarks that have been added within GradeMark.
  • You can print or download your report by selecting the Print icon. You will be able to download the current view for printing or a digital receipt for printing.
  • To zoom in and out use the zoom bar on the bottom.

Use GradeMark