A rubric is a grading form with preset criteria and grading points. The rubric can assist you in grading quickly and efficiently.

Add a new rubric or select an existing one

To add a rubric or edit an existing one, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the View/Edit Rubric Scorecard for this paper. This can be located within an individual GradeMark paper interface. If a rubric automatically pops up this is due to the fact that you selected a pre-made one ahead of time when you set up the Turnitin/Grademark assignment.
  2. Click on the Rubric Manager.
  3. Click on the Rubric dropdown menu.
  4. Select an already existing rubric by choosing one from the menu and clicking on the Attach button or select Create New.
  5. Give the rubric a title if it is new.

Edit a new or existing rubric once selected

The only rubrics you can edit are ones that you have created. You cannot edit one that has been shared with you by a colleague.

To edit the rubric, click on the areas provided to add criteria and the scale associated with that criteria. The scale section may require a lot of planning as you want to add as much detail as possible to each description box. If you need more rows or columns simply click on the + buttons.

Keep in mind that you can choose to set the rubric to:

  • Standard using percentages.
  • Custom which allows you to add points for each box.
  • Qualitative which removes scoring but allows feedback.

Remember to save and close the rubric when you have finished editing.

Selecting values when using a rubric for grading

To apply the rubric simply select the values that you feel represent the quality of the students work. Then click Apply rubric percentage to grade.

Adding a grade

If you use a numerical rubric then a grade will get automatically calculated for you. If not then you will need to add a grade manually.

To add a grade to the paper click on the grade area on the top right hand corner. You can only do a numerical grade which is based on the point level that you set when you originally created the Turnitin assignment and set the options/settings. Click return to apply this grade.

Please note that there is no option to add a letter grade at the moment. Keep in mind that you do not need to click save to get this to save. Just give the system a moment and it will be saved. When exit this page you may not see the grade(s) listed. You need to refresh the page to ensure that this displays. To refresh simply click on the Assignment Inbox tab and the page will refresh.