Student and laptop

The Laptop Surgery is a free service provided by Imperial College London for staff and students.

What we do

We aim, where possible, to help with the following issues on your personal laptop or mobile device:

  • basic software problems;
  • the removal of malware;
  • WiFi and email service assistance;
  • general advice regarding the installation of software and performing backups. 

The Laptop Surgery team cannot help you with hardware issues, such as faulty screens and broken power cables. We advise that you visit a reputable high street shop or check your warranty.

The Laptop Surgery is for personal machines, not College laptops and devices. If you're having a problem with a College laptop, we will either assist you at the ICT Service Desk or log a request with your local Faculty Support team on your behalf.

Your visit

We don't work on an appointment basis, so contact the ICT Service Desk to discuss your problem in greater detail and find out when we're available.

We close the Laptop Surgery at the start of each academic year because of our increased workload. However, we are still available in person at the ICT Desk in the Central Library during this period. 

Important information 

  • Make sure that you bring your College ID card to your appointment.
  • Do not lose the receipt you are given when you drop off your laptop or mobile device.
  • Please bring your own power cables, adapters and software CDs.
  • Where possible, ensure your laptop language has been set to UK English.
  • In most cases we can return a laptop to the owner within a week, but this is subject to how busy we are at the time.
  • We will lock laptops left overnight in a secure place. 
  • Your laptop will be handled with the utmost care, however, we cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft of data or hardware.