At the heart of the Library Services Strategic Plan 2014/15-208/19 is the strategic priority:

‘We will develop services to support all of Imperial’s communities’

As part of this priority the Library Services seek to support the curriculum review and the Learning and Teaching Strategy.

The Library Services already deliver a wide range of training for students which supports their development of information literacy throughout their time at the College. The curriculum review will mean change, we are keen to work with departments to make sure we are able to continue to provide a high quality service and embed information literacy for the Imperial College community.  We welcome this as a great opportunity to start these discussions and see how we can better support the curriculum.

As part of this work we have started reviewing our current teaching and used the themes identified in A New Curriculum for Information Literacy (ANCIL) by Secker and Coonan to map the teaching we already provide to the College's Learning and Teaching Strategy. ANCIL provides a flexible curriculum and a useful starting point to help embed information literacy in the curriculum.

There are many ways in which the Library Service already support the delivery of the curriculum here: