Library regulations

2: Admission to the Library

2.1 Entry to the Library and the use of its services is in accordance with the current admissions statement. 

2.2 Entry to the Library must be made by valid College ID card, issued day or membership card. Cards are not transferable and may not be passed on to others to use.

2.3 Children of users may be admitted to the Library at the discretion of library staff. Children must be closely supervised and the accompanying adult will accept sole responsibility for their children; including their good conduct, safety and observation of these regulations. Some campus libraries are situated in closed buildings. Access to these buildings by the accompanied children of College members is governed by local Estates guidance.

2.4 Coats, bags and cases may be brought into the Library, on condition that their contents may be inspected on request.

2.5 The Director of Library Services reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed unfit by demeanour or conduct.

2.6 All users must vacate the Library promptly at closing time, on hearing the fire alarm, or as requested by library staff.

2.7 The Library operates a security system to protect the items held in our collections. If the alarm is triggered, users must cooperate with library staff in identifying the cause of the alarm, including allowing bags to be checked if necessary.