Library regulations

3: Conduct in the Library

3.1 Users are expected to respect the library environment as a place of study and conduct themselves with consideration to both library staff and other users.

3.2 Hot and/or smelly food and drinks without lids may not be consumed or brought into the Library. Users doing so will be required to either remove their food and drink from the Library or surrender it for disposal. Hot food may be consumed in the Library Cafe.

3.3 The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the Library. Anyone found consuming alcohol will be asked to remove it from the Library. Users who are obviously intoxicated may be refused admission to the Library.

3.4 Users must observe all displayed guidelines relating to noise. The Library will be clearly signposted to denote silent, quiet and group study areas. Quiet study is the norm for all libraries where no notices are displayed.

3.5 Mobile phones may only be used for silent functions. Some areas in the Library may be clearly signposted for the making and receiving of phone calls.

3.6 On medical campuses, the use of pagers and mobile phones is allowed in designated areas for NHS users in relation to patient care. A dedicated telephone is provided to respond to messages.

3.7 Use of all personal electronic devices (including lap-tops, mobile phones, etc.) is subject to their use not disturbing others.

3.8 Personal belongings should not be left unattended or used to reserve seats. Unattended items may be removed.

3.9 The Library cannot take responsibility for the security of personal belongings - users should take care of their possessions at all times.

3.10 Users must not mark, damage or misuse items belonging to the Library; this includes all furnishings, fittings and equipment.

3.11 The distribution of leaflets and display of posters is forbidden without the express permission of the Director of Library Services. Unauthorised material will be removed.