Library regulations

7: Governance and sanctions

7.1 The Library Regulations will be subject to regular review.

7.2 Current regulations will be made available in electronic form.

7.3 The Director of Library Services reserves the right to charge for any service or impose any reasonable penalty fines.

7.4 In cases of serious misconduct in the Library, the Director of Library Services has course to refer to the Student Regulations, Procedures for dealing with student disciplinary offences and Staff Disciplinary Procedures as detailed in the College Registry's information web pages

7.5 Users from other academic institutions or service partners may be subject to both these Library Regulations and those regulations of any identified home institution.

7.6 The Director of Library Services reserves the right to refer serious matters to College Security or the police.

7.7 Users have the right to appeal against any decision made under the terms of these regulations. All appeals must be made in writing and addressed to:

Director of Library Services, Central Library,
Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ

In cases of serious misconduct appeals should be made via the regulations identified in 7.4.