Library regulations

1: Introduction and context

1.1 These regulations govern all libraries (and all other space designated for library use), resources and facilities falling under the jurisdiction of the Director of Library Services. These regulations apply to both registered users and visitors to the libraries.

  • 'Director of Library Services' refers to both the post holder and also those deemed responsible to act on the post holder's behalf
  • 'user' refers to any person entering the Library, or making use of library services
  • 'item' is used to describe all print and multimedia materials that comprise the Library's collection

1.2 All library staff are empowered to administer these regulations within the remit of their post and subject to any guidance issued by the Director of Library Services.

1.3 It is acknowledged that registered staff and students of Imperial College London are also subject to all institutional regulations as published by Registry.

1.4 Feedback and constructive comments are welcomed on all aspects of the library service. Feedback can be given using printed forms or via ASK the Library.