Central Library

The Central Library Building Project Phase 2 aimed to improve cooling and ventilation systems throughout the Central Library

Background to the project

Student feedback over a number of years has highlighted problems with temperature control at the Central Library. In 2017 College began a major project to address these problems and, in November, levels 4 and 5 opened with a new cooling and ventilation system. In addition, the new floors were fully refurbished with new furniture and power to all desks.

Summer 2018 saw the continuation of this project with the installation of climate control on levels 2 and 3. The floors opened ahead of schedule on Monday 15 October. Again, they were fully refurbished with new furniture and PCs. The project to deliver power to all desks is ongoing and is expected to be completed mid-November. The work also saw the addition of three new group study rooms.

Following the refurbishments of levels 2 to 5, level 1 Group Study Area was recarpetted and refitted with new furniture and power to desks. The area reopened during the autumn term.

Project timeline

The information below is indicative and subject to change. We will continue to update this page with more information as it becomes available.

June - autumn 2018

Preparatory book moves take place.

Wednesday 27 June

Levels 2 and 3 close for the summer. Books remaining on level 3 will be unavailable until Monday 9 July. Special Collections will be unavailable for the duration of the project.

Friday 29 June

Level 1 Group study closes for one week.

Monday 9 July Level 1 Group study opens with books and reduced study space.
July - September Installation of cooling and ventilation system on levels 2 and 3.
Monday 1 October to Sunday 14 October

Level 1 Group study partially closed for book moves. Books from level 1 relocated to levels 2 and 3.

Key books available in 24 hour loan room next to the Information Hub on level 1.

Library staff will run a fetching service for remaining books once a day (subject to availability of items).

Monday 15 October

Levels 2 and 3 reopen as refurbished silent study spaces with climate control.

Levels 4 and 5 reallocated as quiet study space.

Level 1 Group Study Area closed for refurbishment.

Tuesday 23 October

Level 1 Group Study Room C and Think Tanks re-open. PCs awaiting connection.

Wednesday 8 November

Level 1 Group Study Area reopens.

End November

Power delivered to desks on levels 2 and 3.


New Business Software Zone opens 15 new PCs added to Wolfson Suite.

Project timeline – January to July 2017