Top tips

Check the copyright on all images

Search for images with Creative Commons licences

Use services like Google Drive, Office 365 One Drive and Flickr to store images

Copyright for students

More about copyright for students

Keeping track of your work-related images saves time when writing up your assignments or revising.

There are some considerations to take into account when using images. We are surrounded by images, particularly online. It is very easy to copy and store such images, but check whether you are able to do this legitimately.

Key issues

Are you the creator of the image or was it produced by someone else?

Your images: If you created an image, you own the copyright, so you can choose how you share it. For example, if you share it on a site such as Flickr, check that you are happy with the licence and the terms and conditions you are sharing it under.

Other people's images: It is important to check that you have permission to store or re-use other people's images. To search for images that have clear permissions take a look at our page on .


Try searching for images that have Creative Commons licences and have clear permissions about re-use. See  to find out more, or use the Creative Commons search.

Keep your filing consistent. It is a good idea to use a filing system which will help to keep the images accessible. 

Keep everything in one place. It is good practice to use one storage system for all of your images.

Many people use Facebook to store photographs, but it’s sensible to keep work-related information away from personal accounts.

Keep a backup. OneDrive offers cloud-based storage free to Imperial College students.

Consider using Google Drive or Flickr, but bear in mind that these are external services so make sure that you are happy with the service provider's terms and conditions.