Top tips

Use reference management and social bookmarking tools to manage your information

Don’t lose valuable sources

How do you manage all of the information and sources you find online?

You can use reference management software to record details of websites and web pages, so that’s one method, but you might prefer to use a social bookmarking tool. 

Social bookmarking enables you to store and share websites, photos and other resources within an online community and can help you stay up to date.

Social bookmarking enables you to organise and file websites, photos and articles for future reference, and to browse other people’s bookmarks to discover resources missed by search engines. These tools provide an excellent way of finding new and interesting websites.

A few suggested sites:




These sites often have browser extensions or bookmarklets which you can install to give you direct access from your internet browser.

What is tagging?

A tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of online content such as a website, photo or blog post. Tagging is the process of assigning the tag to the content. It is similar to sticking handwritten notes to articles, or putting headings in your lecture notes.

Tags are completely unstructured and freeform. You can choose terms that are meaningful for you.

Keep in mind that if a tag has more than one word, the words should be joined so that there are no spaces between them. chocolate_chip_cookies and ChocolateChipCookies are one tag each, while chocolate chip cookies is three tags. Make sure your spelling is correct, or you may not be able to find your resource again.