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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is when you copy someone else's work, words or ideas and use these in your coursework, thesis, report, etc., and do not acknowledge that you have done this. This can be either intentional or unintentional.

Penalties for plagiarism at Imperial College London

The Imperial College London Examination and Assessments: Academic Integrity document (pdf) outlines the potential penalties that a student may face after being found guilty of plagiarism.

According to the document:

'these penalties include a mark of zero for the assessment in which the examination offence occurred or a mark of zero for all the assessments in that year or exclusion from all future examinations of the College (i.e. expulsion from the College)'.

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Why you shouldn’t plagiarise?

There is a vast and valuable collection of material available to you, and this is the result of time, money, personal effort, experimentation, and testing. Your lecturers, and their lecturers, used this research as the basis for their studying and for their own work. Your subject knowledge would not exist without access to this research collection.

Therefore, it is integral to the research process and research communication that this collection is acknowledged and recognised by all researchers in a particular subject field. Anyone who produces a piece of work wants recognition for it. The concept of academic integrity is built upon the act of recognising the ideas and work that have already been produced and of any subsequent work.

It is therefore hugely important and necessary for you to read, consult, and discuss work that other researchers, scientists, engineers and medical practitioners have produced in your subject field.

An Undergraduate's Self-guided Plagiarism Awareness Resource

Complete the self-guided Plagiarism Awareness Resource for Undergraduates by clicking through the topics below. Follow the topics in order or choose individual topics and then complete the self-assessment quiz.

Take the plagiarism quiz or contact your librarian

Test your knowledge with this quiz on plagiarism or contact your librarian if you have any query.

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