Legacy RefWorks will be retired in Summer of 2023. Active legacy users (those who have logged into their legacy account since 2020) will have their accounts automatically transferred to new RefWorks in November 2022. The Library will contact you with more information.

If you prefer to move your account yourself, please follow the instructions below.

Moving from legacy to new RefWorks is quick and easy. Your legacy RefWorks account will continue to be active once you’ve transferred to new RefWorks, and the references in your legacy library will be unaffected.

If you have started writing a document and have added citations via your legacy RefWorks account, you will need to continue using legacy to finish the document. You cannot use both legacy and new RefWorks in the same document.

To move from legacy to new RefWorks

  • Create a new RefWorks account see RefWorks - Creating an account and logging in
  • In the menu bar of new RefWorks click on the + icon and select Import References
  • Select the import from RefWorks option and click the Authorize button
  • Log in to your legacy RefWorks account using your College credentials when prompted to do so
  • The references and folder structure from your legacy account will be uploaded into new RefWorks