Remember your ID card

You will need your Imperial ID card to enter our libraries and borrow items.

Take your card with you every time you leave the building and never lend it to anyone else.

When your course starts you'll receive an Imperial ID card, use it to enter any of our study spaces and libraries:

  • Abdus Salam Library at South Kensington
  • Medical campus libraries at Charing Cross, Chelsea and Westminster, Hammersmith, Royal Brompton and St Mary's hospitals
  • Silwood Park Campus Library
  • GoStudy spaces

Many of our libraries are open 24 hours and our self-service facilities mean that you can borrow and return books at all times, and to any library. We even have a book locker at the White City campus for you to pick up requested books.

Remember that our libraries are for everyone - please share the space fairly and respect the library regulations.

Check out the new Group Study Space on level 4 at the Abdus Salam Library!

More about our libraries

What can I borrow?

You can borrow:
  • Books, including textbooks, books for your research, fiction and other leisure reading
  • DVDs
  • laptops
  • iPads
  • maps
  • theses
  • headphones
  • whiteboard pens
  • keyboards

What else will I find in the library?

You can:
  • drop in for support from a librarian
  • use PCs and printer-copiers
  • book study rooms
  • use whiteboards
  • pick up essential stationery items
  • grab a coffee or lunch
  • get ICT support at the Abdus Salam Library
  • get extra support if you are registered with the Disability Advisory Service

Where to find us