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I cannot connect to WiFi in the Central Library

A number of library users have commented on the WiFi connection at the Central Library. We are aware that there is a particular problem with connecting library laptops to the WiFi and are working with ICT to solve these problems. ICT are also monitoring WiFi stength throughout the building with aview to making improvements in areas where it is found to be weak.

Excellent space

"Third floor of Library is excellent for Quiet studies especially during lunchtime. Thanks!"

It's cold

A number of users of our Business and Finance Software Zone at the Central Library have reported very cold temperatures in the area. This has been reported to Estates who are investigating (January 2018).

Great customer service!

Many thanks for all your help. Great customer service! It is greatly appreciated.
I have successfully renewed my SCONUL access (it was expiring tomorrow) with a local participating university today, so am happy it's all sorted.
Once again, many thanks to you all who made this possible.

Praise for the Library's NHS staff support services

I attended a number of the sessions designed for supporting NHS staff and they have been invaluable. It opened up an academic resource that had previously terrified me, as I had not formerly studied or researched since my last degree.

Librarians and their resources are essential for AHP and others using this on site service. There is a constant need for guideline/practice support searching the literature. Librarians are a font of searching skills knowledge and this is essential as my attendance to the library is sadly so infrequent. It is an important hub and place to work on developing/updating guidelines. It is a tranquil place to work too, away from the constant interruptions of open planned working spaces.

Thank you to St Marys!

Thank you so much for purchasing a book I requested - fabulous service! (St Mary's campus staff member)

Great green desks

I just wanted to say that I think the green felt three armed desk things on the 5th floor are great. It's a good mix of privacy without being downright depressing (thanks to the green colour, texture and shape). Thanks for getting them. (Research Postgraduate, Department of Chemistry)

Reading lists

Whoop — thanks everyone, it’s one of the most beautiful reading lists I’ve seen in a long while! ;-) (Associate Professor, Business School)

Thank you!

Thank you for good news on the book! Really appreciate your help and that of everyone in the library, you guys are the best! (PhD Researcher, Department of Materials)