Lost and left property in the Central Library

Please hand lost property found in the Central Library to the Attendants at the welcome desk. Where there is a quantity of items, let one of the Attendants know and they will collect them.

Lost property will be kept for 3 weeks before recycling, with the exception of College ID cards which are taken straight to College Security. Loose, unnamed paperwork will be recycled immediately.

You can reclaim items of lost property between 09.30 and 18.00 Monday to Friday in person from the Attendants at the welcome desk. For related enquiries,  contact the attendants on libsec@imperial.ac.uk. If an item such as a purse, wallet or keys is required urgently you may make an appointment to reclaim it outside these times by speaking to an Attendant.

The Facilities Manager will attempt to contact the owners of any found property where ownership can be easily identified. Once contact has been made, the item will, however, follow the normal path of lost property, as above, unless a date for collection has been agreed. Items will be returned in the condition that we received them in.

The Library is not responsible for any items of lost property. No items should be left in the Library and items are left at your own risk.

College lost and found property policy