Taking a break? Leave a Study Break Card on your desk

Study break card

The Central Library can get very busy and we understand that it’s tempting to save a seat, but please consider others and share the space.

To help you do this we’ve introduced Study Break Cards during the busiest months - fill out a card, leave it on your desk and take a 30-minute break without needing to clear your belongings.

Study break cards are available at the Information Hub and on all levels. They can be used up to four times.

If you wish to leave the library for longer than 30 minutes take all your belongings with you - never leave your valuables unattended. Our Attendants may clear desks that have been left unattended for over 30 minutes.

If a desk has been left unattended for over 30 minutes without a study break card you can text an Attendant on 020 7594 8883 to ask for it to be cleared.

The cards will be available from Monday 2 December to Friday 13 December 2019, and between April and June 2020.