Hammersmith Campus Library training room terms of use

The library manages a local booking system, giving priority to library training events such as the information literacy programme and student access.

Booking requests, cancellations and general requests for information should be made to hammersmithlibrary@imperial.ac.uk.


  • 27 workstations


  • Bookings will only be accepted from staff members of Imperial College London or Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Availability will be at library staff's discretion and is based on maintaining a number of open access slots during core hours (09.00 - 17.00)
  • Requests for bookings can be made up to 12 weeks in advance
  • During term time, priority will be given to library training programmes
  • The library reserves the right to decline any booking request
  • There is no charge for bookings

IT / software requirements

  • Please inform the ICT Service Desk if you require any specific computer software for your session (3-4 weeks’ notice will be required to arrange installation of special software)
  • Provision of any special software is dependent on approval from ICT
  • If access to computers is required for non-Imperial College Members, guest access must be arranged with ICT prior to the date of your booking
  • The library will not grant guest computer access to external users

Responsibilities of session organisers

  • To notify the library as soon as possible if they wish to cancel a booking
  • To familiarise themselves with fire and safety procedures and announce these at the start of the session
  • To ensure the room is left tidy
  • To report any damage or problems with equipment or furniture to library staff
  • To inform building reception of attendees who do not have access ID/PINs for the Commonwealth Building
  • To ensure that Library regulations are met and maintained at all times