Return to Work Information

Return to Work Induction

Any staff member planning on returning to work on the South Kensington campus will need to attend a return to work induction. These will be completed independently for any staff returning to site prior to September 2020.

An all staff meeting is planned for the first week in September to cover members of staff identified to support the start of the academic year. A copy of the current slides from the induction presentation can be found here:

Return to Work Induction

Remote working remains the preferred option for those that can do so.

College Risk Assessment

Attached is the current version of the COVID-19 return to work risk assessment for Registry Level 3 Sherfield operations. The first version of the assessment was completed on 05/08/2020. It will be reviewed and republished after the 02/11/2020. It is designed to prepare for Registry's phased and limited onsite presence to support the start of the academic year.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Reopening Checklist

The current version of the College return to work checklist for Registry can be found below. 

Return to Work Office Checklist

College Guidance

Guidance from the College Safety Team

Following Government guidelines, remote working remains the preferred option for those that can do so. Guidance for those working remotely remains available; there are many links within this guidance to help support your physical and mental wellbeing.

For those who have consent to return to work below is the link to the Safety Office specific COVID-19 guidance, risk assessments and related information with pointers on how to keep safe.

COVID-19 Safety Office Guidance

Guidance from the HR Team

Guidance has been developed to help managers coordinate the return of their direct reports to working at College premises. Topics this guidance covers include:

  • How to discuss a staff member’s return to work with them
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Circumstances of vulnerable staff and staff with caring responsibilities

 Guidance can be downloaded from: COVID-19 HR Policies (ICL Login required)

COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy and Arrangements

The Safety and Wellbeing of all staff, students, visitors and contractors at Imperial College London is of paramount importance. This COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy aims to set the College expectations with regards to working arrangements during the pandemic, so together, we protect our community.

We are prioritising both research and teaching on campus. Your Head of Department will contact you if you are needed on campus to support these activities, otherwise, staff should continue to work from home.

The College has adopted a phased return to work approach, which is managed at Faculty and Departmental level. This is commencing with some limited access being permitted for researchers that need access to onsite experimental facilities.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy and Arrangements (ICL Login Required)

Contact Tracing Protocol

Strategies such as social distancing, increased segregation and cleaning limit the spread of infection. There remains, however, a residual risk for individuals who have become infected with COVID-19 to have close contact with colleagues, students and visitors. Registry is following the process by which Imperial College will manage contact tracing on a local level.

Contact Tracing Protocol

Contact Tracing Protocol: Registry Process


Code of Conduct

‘Protect and Respect’

Your safety is our top priority. The College has introduced a Code of Conduct for everyone to help ensure the wellbeing of our community. It should be followed by contractors and visitors too. 

What is the Code of Conduct for? It sets out the behaviours everyone should follow on all College premises to reduce the spread of COVID-19. You must follow this Code alongside any other health and safety information provided by the College. The Code of Conduct cannot cover all eventualities, so you should use your common sense, and be responsible for your actions at Imperial.  

Further details and a downloadable copy of the code can be found here: Code of conduct