How to book a desk for working on campus.

As part of the College's return to campus transition and learn phase, Registry staff are able to book desk space on level 3 of the Sherfield Building via the desktop link or mobile app, in their preferred location with the right amenities. 

Once you are set up on the software you will receive an email from the Office Management team and also a account set up and password reset notification from the software supplier Kadence (formally Chargifi). 

The existing Registry and Admissions space has been set up to meet the current social distancing requirements and allow staff to continue to remotely access PC's based on the floor. The desk space has been set up to enable flexible usage over the week that is able to be supported by both the Office Management, Estates and Cleaning teams in the College to provide a safe manageable working environment for everyone.

Desk space on the mezzanine floor remains closed access to existing users set up there until further notice. These desks are set up on the system and should be booked in the same way via the link or app. 

Desk Booking FAQ's

Do I need to book a desk?

Yes, permission is still required to work on campus and Sherfield level 3 has a capacity limit of 30%. Therefore it is mandatory to book a desk if you are planning to be on site as we use the booking system to manage numbers and as part of the College's COVID-19 Contact Tracing protocol. Failure to book a desk could result in disciplinary action as you are putting yourself and your colleagues at risk. 

How do I access the desk booking system?

Registry staff will have accounts set up and emailed to them, please log in and reset your password when you receive this. If you have forgotten your password or not recieved one, please email:  and we will organise it out for you.

You can book desk space on level 3 of the Sherfield Building via the desktop link or mobile app

I cannot access the desk booking system?

You will receive an email from Registry informing you of when you will be given access to the software. This is followed by an account set up and password reset notification from the software supplier Kadence (formerly Chargifi) to your Imperial email account. If you have not recieved this please flag it with your line manager. 

Do I need to check in?

Yes, you will recieve an email from saying that you can now check into your booking. Please do this as it confirms that you are on campus and using the desk. 

What amenities will I have on the desk?

The desks will have as standard, two monitors, keyboard and mouse and docking station with USB C connection.  A couple of desks are set up with open access PC's and there will be a limited number of height adjustable desks that you will be able to book as well. All the information about the desk set up can be found in the desk details when booking the desk. 

I have been accessing a PC remotely while off site, what do I do now?

You can still access the PC remotely via your laptop. You will be unable to access the PC directly as it might not located at the desk you are occupying or the peripherals and monitors are set up to the docking station. Registry are working to making the desk space safe and accessible given the current limitations on capacity on Sherfield level 3. Going forward we will be relocating PC's to free up space but enable staff you are set up for remote access to continue to do so while working off campus.

Can I sit at my "old" desk?

Potentially as it depends on where the desk was located. As part of the measures to safeguard staff working on campus, the middle desks are not in use to provide social distancing space as in line with the current College guidance.

There are signs to confirm which desks are not in use and staff should not move them or use these desks.

It is worth noting that you will not be able to access the PC based on the desk if it is allocated for use remotely. There are several desks that have been set up with open access PC's on them and you can check this on the desk details when booking.

Registry desks on the west side Sherfield 3rd floor have been set up to enable all Registry staff to book and access them during the week. 

Can I book a car parking space through the software?

No. However before you confirm your booking there will be some information about car parking and blank drop down that states this is unavailable. Should you require a car parking space you need to email James Balloch by 10am on the Thursday before the week you intend to come into the office. Spaces are limited so there is no guarentee that we will be able to book on for you.

I need to print and scan some documents?

You will be able to print to the networked printers accessible on the mezzanine floor. You will also be able to scan and send to your email account from these printers as normal. As noted in the return to campus briefing please wipe down the touchpoints on the printers before and after use. Antibacterial wipes are available across the Registry floor. 

How do I access the R Drive?

The R Drive is the shared folder for Registry. You can access it remotely via the VPN or by the remote desktop gateway. When on site you might need to map the R Drive to your laptop, please let Registry Office Management know if you are having difficulty doing this at via email:

What about my personal items that I had left on my old desk?

All personal items have been boxed up and stored in Registry. The Office Management team can let you know the location when you return to campus so you can sort through any items. In the interim there will be limited storage space with pedestals and some lockers available on the mezzanine floor.

How do I access my telephone extension?

There are no phone handsets on the desks. This is because the handsets are assigned to individual users and the desks are set up for potentially multiple users over the week. As part of the remote working strategy Registry have moved all telephone extensions to Microsoft Teams. Further information and guidance can be found here: Microsoft Teams Telephony Solution 

Can I use a locker or pedestal while I'm on campus?

Yes, a limited number of lockers or pedestals will be available to use while on campus. You will be either able to use one already marked up for you or we have a number of empty ones that can be accessed on the day.

We are looking to install more lockers for staff to use on a day-to-day basis while on campus.

Will I be able to use a height adjustable desk?

Yes, you will be able to book a height adjustable desk. Please note there are a limited number available. Check the amenities list on the desk details when booking.

I previously had specific equipment identified through Occupational Health to assist my desk set up, what do I do about that when I'm on campus?

Email: and let us know when you are on site what specific equipment you had on your desk set up. We are in the process of putting together a solution for the long term to enable desk space to be set up to support your requirements.