Reporting on student lifecycle activity is based on data from Banner (student records) and CRM Recruit (applications). 

New reports are available in the College’s analytics platform, Power BI.  You can view College reports available in Power BI. 

Existing reports are available through Imperial College Analytics (ICA).

ICA reporting will be phased out as new reports become available in Power BI. There are co-ordinated initiatives working to deliver a single analytics platform. In the long term it will be possible to report on the student lifecycle from initial contact through the admissions process, the study cycle, graduation, and right through to alumnus activity. New reporting datasets focus on student records and applications data. The ICA to Power BI project is looking at migrating historic data to enable longitudinal trend analysis.

Prioritising reporting enhancements 

College stakeholders were surveyed to establish their management information requirements. The requirements have formed the basis of the reporting data structures designs and delivery of the new reports.  Stakeholders will be contacted to reconfirm needs and engage in report development through demonstrations of new features. 

View the stakeholder Reporting Requirements (Excel) list.

My requirements are not on the list

If you think your requirements have been omitted in error, or may need further clarification, please contact us. In many cases your needs may already be planned to be delivered by global functionality that helps all staff (e.g. being able to analyse by individual departments or programmes is a common need for almost all staff). 

Please get in touch at

I need data, urgently

If you need data quickly, you should first check the reports that already exist for Applicant and Student data. If these don’t cover your needs, and/or you need something more bespoke, you can get in contact with the relevant Admissions or Student External Returns teams. 

Accessing reports

Reports in Power BI are intuitive and easy to use. Reports have standard features (e.g. filters) that are common to all reports and are easy to get familiar with. Access to reporting tools is available from here.

Microsoft offers some handy online content for general Power BI familiarisation.

The College’s ‘Business Analytics Community of Practice’ is also a great source of peer-assisted learning and a chance to share good practice. Find them on Teams and join in the conversation.

Access is granted based on role (e.g. admissions or student administration) or by the team you work for (e.g. by faculty or by department). This is enabled using distribution lists. Some general reports are granted to all users within the College.

The analytics catalogue allows you to look for reporting resources by subject. You can use it to see what resources are available, even if you can’t yet access them. If you find something that seems useful, you can look up the details of who owns the report. Similarly, you may become aware of a report that other colleagues use, but you can’t access.

To apply for access, please refer to our access page.