Requesting access

To request access to Student Administration systems, please complete the ‌New User/Change User Form - Student Records Management and attach it to an ASK request. You will be notified by ICT when your access has been granted.

Please note that access to the Banner Student Enquiry Form requires a Remote Desktop Gateway connection. If this is not possible, please request Pulse Secure access.

A summary of responsibilities can be found below.

Responsibility Description Requesting access Key Team
Student Record Management - Student Enquiry Form Viewing Student record information including programme, modules and grades on the Student Enquiry Form New User/Change request form above Student Records:
PGR Milestones Viewing and processing Student Research Milestone information Contact the Assessment Records team Assessment Records:
ICA reporting Accessing Banner data via the Banner Interim Reports Dashboard New User/Change request form above External Data Returns:
Student Module Registration Management Processing Student Module registration changes including adding and dropping modules. New User/Change request form above Student Records:
Module Catalogue Viewing Module information including description and learning objectives Automatically added to My Imperial Curriculum Data Management:
Student Records Document Management Accessing Student Scholarship documents. Access to the Student Record Management is also required New User/Change request form above - limited to certain roles Student Records:
Interruption of Studies Management Approve a student's request for interruption of studies New User/Change request form above Student Records:


There is online supporting guidance available from within the relevant tabs of this site which can be accessed through the links below. Please contact the supporting Key Team to arrange a Training session if required. 

Date Training Online resources
By request

Banner Intro Training - Student Enquiry Form and ICA Reporting (Department Student Journey Demo

Banner Advanced Training - Student Enquiry Form (Banner Advanced Training demo slides‌)

Student Enquiry Form

ICA Reporting

By request PGR Milestones Management Training

PGR Milestones Management for Staff (specific users only)

By request Student Module Registration Management

Module Registration Management for Staff (specific users only)