Interruption of Studies (IoS) Management enables an automated online process workflow for student application and staff authorisation. 

There is currently no change to the student’s return to studies process following their period of interruption. This will be the subject of a follow-on project.

Student application for IoS

Students will apply for an IoS directly from My Imperial by following the steps:

  1. Log in, access the My Interruption of Studies tile, and select current programme of study
  2. Complete the application form and submit supporting documents
  3. Track the progress of the interruption of studies request and receive confirmation emails of the application submission and approval.

Departmental authorisation

Departmental staff will approve a student’s IoS using My Imperial

The authorising departmental staff (e.g. Senior Tutors and Department Admin) will receive an email notification of the student's submitted interruption application. Application approval and confirmation of the student’s anticipated date of return is required using My Imperial. Supporting documents uploaded by the student will be available to review as well as an option to request further information.

The Departmental Administrator and then Senior Tutor approval will trigger an automated email confirmation to Registry Student Records to action the IoS on the student’s Banner record. Departments are able to see and track all IoS request information from student submission until approval is completed by all central teams using My Imperial IoS Management.

All students IoS approved status can be viewed using Banner Student Records Management and ICA Reporting & Statistics Banner Dashboard reports:

  • Student Record Management (Banner Student Enquiry Form) – can be searched by Student Name or CID to provide information on all of a student’s interruption(s) including whether the IoS is Active or Past (each IoS is listed), Reason, Start Date, End Date, Current Student Status (eg if currently on Interruption or if Interruption is in the past).
  • ICA Reporting & Statistics (Banner Interim Reports) – The ‘Student Status’ set of Reports has a specific Interruptions Report. This can be filtered by individual Student CID or Department cohort (Level, Programme, Student Status etc.). The Report provides IoS Reason, IoS Start and End Date.

Central services action

Student Records will action the department authorised IoS on the student’s record in My Imperial (student view) and Banner (staff view). An automated email will be sent to the relevant Bursary, Finance, Visa, Accommodation and Campus Security teams (depending on the student’s individual circumstances) for action. Once all teams have actioned a student's IoS approval, the student's IoS request will be removed from the Department My Imperial IoS Management view. Visibility of student IoS status can be accessed using Student Record Management and ICA Reporting & Statistics. 

Students returning to studies

There is no change to the process of a student’s return from interruption. Departments should get in touch with students six weeks before they’re due to return to check on their wellbeing and to allow for medical documents to be submitted if needed.

The student’s status will change to “eligible to re-enrol” 30 days before their recorded return date and they will receive an email invitation to complete their re-enrolment in My Imperial.

It is the student’s responsibility to confirm their return date with their department and to discuss any changes to the expected return date.


Student-focused Interruption of Studies guidance is available from the Student Support Zone. This webpage enables students to access information on interruption from one place, and signposts the staff and specialist teams available to provide support and advice relevant to the student’s individual circumstances.

Departmental local web content should be reviewed and linked to the Student Support Zone IOS student guidance.

The IoS Guidance Infographic ‌available for download and displayed below, provides an overview of the process and email addresses for each of the specialist teams available to provide support and advice. 

A video on how to use IoS Management is available for staff. Login using your Imperial username and password. To begin, click on Play.


Interruption of Studies Guidance

Released system updates


  • Department Senior Academics and Student Records can now amend the start and end dates of an IoS.

  • Department Administrators can provide comments/feedback when approving requests.

  • Calendar support for Safari web browser when entering dates in the Interruption of Studies form.



  • Students can now apply for an Interruption of Studies even if they’re not currently enrolled.

  • Students will now receive a confirmation email when they submit additional supporting documents.

  • The text limit in all text boxes is now increased.


  • Permissions to access Interruption of Studies requests have been set at programme year level for Department Administrators and Senior Academics. This should enable Department Administrator and Senior Academics to only see requests related to their associated programme year.

  • Additional guidance text has been added to the student IoS form to make students aware that if they submit an interruption request in advance their record will not be updated until the planned interruption start date is reached.

  • The Student Records team now have an option to decline requests and assign back to Department Administrators to close the Interruption of Studies request and notify the student.

  • Department Administrators are now able to decline requests submitted by students.



  • Students are now able to provide their Personal Tutor details as part of the Interruption Of Studies request. The Personal Tutor will then be notified of the interruption when the request is approved by all relevant teams.

  • An additional checkbox has been added to the student request form to make sure students are aware that if any repeat study is required as part of their interruption fees may need to be paid.

  • Regular reminder emails are scheduled to be sent to Accommodation, Bursary, Campus Security, Central Finance, and Visa Compliance if they have pending requests older than 3 days.

  • The Visa Compliance team is now able to view when the Student Records team has approved a request requiring Visa Compliance approval.


  • Department Administrators can now change the anticipated date of an Interruption of Studies request in the action required queue.

Upcoming system updates


  • Student's Postgraduate Research primary supervisor will be automatically populated in the Interruption of Studies form with the option to edit it before submission.

  • Department Administrators can continue to request additional information from students while the request is with the student.