Module Registrations Management enables authorised department staff to manage changes to student module registrations,  supporting the maintenance of Banner as the source of truth for module registrations and providing a shared visible record across College.

This is a foundation step to enabling student-led module registrations directly in Banner from April 2022.

Banner module registrations set-up

Student Records will register students in Banner for their 2020-21 core modules. Student elective module registrations for 2020-21 will be collected from Departments for upload by Student Records into Banner. Following the upload, changes to a student's elective module registrations should be managed by authorised staff using the new Module Registrations Management responsibility. Please note:

  • Referral students – resitting the assessment components of the module will not have any module registration for the 2020-21 AY whilst they are going through their results and progression process. They should still have access to the same year (2019-20) teaching materials until their assessment is recorded against their 2019-20 module registration. All referral students will have an enrolled record status of NR (Not Required) for current year (their module registration will still sit in the previous year that teaching occurred) and departments will not be able to add module registrations. You are able to see if results have been returned and the student has been progressed from the Banner Student Enquiry Form.
  • Retakes - Modules can be added for full or part year retakes as these students are fully accessing teaching for current year, seen as a fresh attempt. They will have an ES (Enrolled) status for 2020-21AY.
  • Horizons - CLCC will return all Horizons student module registrations to Student Records for upload. The Tracking spreadsheet for module registration uploads displays the expected timings.
  • Occasional students - module registrations can either be provided to Student Records for upload or entered into Module Registrations Management directly.
  • Short course students - don’t currently exist in Banner and access to course materials should be provided directly as previous years.

Module integration partner flags

An auto integration has been put in place from Banner to Blackboard, Panopto and Teams, which will update in real-time-one-hour. A report is available from ICA reporting - Dashboards> Banner Interim>Curriculum Dashboard>Module Integration Partners - to show whether modules have a Banner ‘Integration flag’ set to Yes or No to pass module section and student on section data to downstream partner systems – Blackboard, Panopto and MS Teams. 

Each system partner integration flag signifies the creation of a course folder in the partner system and whether to keep syncing information as it changes in Banner. Partner integration flags are by default set to inactive for new modules created. To amend the status of a Banner partner system integration flag, please discuss with your Faculty EdTechs, and communicate changes to Panopto and Blackboard flags to the Curriculum Data team using the online form. Changes to Teams flags are currently communicated to ICT via EdTechs using a spreadsheet.

Partner system access

Students registered on modules in Banner for 'credit' or 'extra credit' will enable a Student role in Blackboard and access to Panopto and Teams. Students registered on modules as 'not assessed' will enable an Auditor role in Blackboard and access to Panopto and Teams. Dropping or deleting a student's module registration in Banner will disable their Blackboard course enrolment, hide it from student view, and remove them from the associated module distribution lists.  Access can be restored by registering the student in Banner on the module.

The Module Registrations Report is available via ICA reporting. Navigate to Dashboards> Banner Interim> Registration, Progression and Outcomes> Module Registration tab. An additional filter has been added to this report to enable you to filter by Term to see which students are registered on which programmes and modules.

Reviewing module set-up

Use the Banner Module Catalogue or ICA Dashboards>Banner Interim>Curriculum Dashboard>Module Data report to review and highlight any module set-up discrepancies to the Curriculum Data Management team: The main impacts on module registrations are correct Term of delivery; Section status (A=active; S=suspended; W=withdrawn) and Integration Partner Flags.  

Access and support

Access to Module Registratons Management for staff will be via My Imperial ( using your College single sign-on. Staff members who require access should complete the request form from the Access and Training page.


Upcoming training demos are listed on the Access and Training page, open to all staff members who are involved in the management of student module registration changes. There is a step by step ‌Module Registrations Management Guide.

Training video

The following video provides an overview of using Module Registration Management. You will need to login using your Imperial username and password. To begin, click on Play.

Examination Entry Form Process

Module Registrations Management

Frequently asked questions

Admissions MSc student programme change

We are aware that sometimes MSc students ask to swap between degree programmes at the end point of the admissions process. While the degrees are often similar the core modules are different. We are working with the Admissions team on the best timing to effect this change. Please keep a watchful eye on your student core module registrations and alert Student Records at if student core module registrations are incorrect.

Module Registrations Report Filters

There is a Module Registrations Report which is available via ICA reporting. Navigate to Dashboards> Banner Interim> Registration, Progression and Outcomes> Module Registration tab. You will then be asked to filter by your criteria including Department, Study Level and Study Path Attempt Status (Enrolment status). Once you have entered these filters, please click on Apply. You will then able to do a subsequent filter by Term (located on the right hand side). Please ensure you complete the initial information first and click on Apply before moving the to the Term filter.

Server access error

If you are experiencing a server access error, please try using the Remote Desktop Gateway connection to connect to your College computer. This should give you access to Banner from another location. If this is not possible, please raise an ASK ticket with ICT to set-up Pulse Secure access.

HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server Error

If you see the 'HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server Error' or 'Undefined' issue when using the Module Registration Report, this is likely to be due to a timeout inactivity issue.  Please clear your cache and cookies or switch use to another browser. We believe this issue is now fixed.

You are not eligible to register error

 We’ve seen an issue for a small number of student registrations changes. If you login to the Select a Term screen following entering the password see the message ‘You are not eligible to register’ – please send the student CID directly to with details of the module registration you need to amend. We believe this error is now fixed.