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My Imperial digitisation of PGR Milestones from August 2020. 

Digitisation of postgraduate research milestones

The postgraduate research (PGR) milestones process will start to be manged in a new online system this August, starting with the digitisation of Exam Entry and Thesis Submission. The digitisation of Viva Examination, Early Stage Assessment (ESA) and Late Stage Review (LSR) will follow in later phases.

Digitisation of Exam Entry and Thesis Submission will significantly contribute to an improved student experience. You will be able to upload and submit your exam entry form, thesis declaration form and thesis online, as well as view up-to-date information about your ESA, LSR and Viva Examination milestone status whilst paper forms continue to be used to support these processes. Examiners will receive a digital copy of your thesis.

Examination Entry Forms which were completed using the paper-based process and which are currently under review by departments will continue to be accepted by the Registry Assessment Records Team for processing until 31 August 2020. From 1 September 2020, all students must enter for examination via the Postgraduate Research Milestones tile in My Imperial. 


You will receive email notification when online access to Postgraduate Research Milestones is available to you. Access is via My Imperial ( using your College single sign-on.

Training manual

Step-by-step guidance to the Examination Entry form process and Thesis Submission process is available - PGR Milestones Manual - Students

Viewing the training video

The following videos provide an overview of the Examination Entry and Thesis Submission process. Login using your Imperial username and password. To begin, click on Play.

  • Examination Entry

Examination Entry Form Process

Exam Entry Form Process

  • Thesis Submission

Thesis submission process

Frequently asked questions - Students

a. Can I start to complete the forms and save and come back and finish?

Yes, you will have the option to save details and revisit prior to submission.

b. Will I get an auto reminder to complete the exam entry form?

Yes, you will get email reminders in the lead up to the exam entry and submission deadlines.

c. Will the option to complete be available if I wish to submit earlier?

As per the regulations, the exam entry form should be completed up to four months in advance of submission, but we are aware that this is not always possible. These milestones can be completed earlier than planned; however, you are reminded that minimum registration requirements apply prior to thesis submission.

d. Will I be able to submit my thesis if the exam entry form is not approved?

Yes, you will not be blocked from submitting your thesis, regardless of the status of the exam entry form even if your supervisor and director of postgraduate studies have not yet approved the exam entry form. All students will be reminded to submit by the given deadline.

e. Is there a limit on how big the thesis file can be?

Technically there is no set file limit. Any additional illustrative material to be provided to the examiners may be submitted to the Registry Assessment Records Team ( directly.

f. Why am I asked to provide an expected thesis submission date?

You are asked to provide an expected thesis submission date as part of the Examination Entry Form process for administrative purposes, to ensure your examination entry details are prioritised should you expect to submit much earlier than the given deadline. This is an indicative date only; this will not be stored on the student record and there is no requirement to submit by this date.

g. What is the process for requesting an extension to my thesis submission (late case)?

The process for requesting an extension to your thesis submission deadline has not changed. Please refer to the College's late case procedure for more information.

h. How do I change an examiner nomination?

To change or correct an examiner nomination, the Department should review and approve the new examiner nomination. They should then contact Assessment Records with the relevant details (Full Name, email address, suitability, conflict of interest etc.). Assessment Records will review the nomination and re-activate the Examination Entry form to update thesis dispatch details. Assessment Records will also update Banner record directly with new examiner information so that the Student record is updated.

i. I need to correct some information for one of my Milestones

To correct information relating to one of your MIlestones, please contact the Assessment Records team. To correct supervision data, please contact the Student Records team.