In order to protect services from disruption, we first need to understand how each service is delivered. This is done by completing an Activity Business Impact Analysis. The Activity Business Impact Analysis template is used to identify:

  • the department activities that support the delivery of service(s);
  • the resources departments need to deliver their activities (such as buildings, ICT, specialist equipment, suppliers etc);
  • how long each activity can be disrupted before it significantly impacts the service.

This information helps departments a) better understand how services are delivered b) prioritise activities to resume following a disruptive incident c) identify business continuity solutions that will resume activities, following a disruptive incident, before it significantly impacts the service.


Departments should complete an Activity Business Impact Analysis template for the reasons mentioned above, but also because this will help further investigation of the operational risks that could disrupt the service and enable the development of effective business continuity plans.

2019 Activity Business Impact Analysis