In a typical week, the College may have a number of minor incidents that can be managed through normal department processes. Similar to other organisations though, the College also has a plan for responding to larger incidents and situations with a higher level of uncertainty that require urgent action. Typically, these types of situations need a coordinated response across departments to address the issues.

To deliver a coordinated response, the College has two teams: an Incident Management Group (which consists of representatives across departments) and the President's Executive Group (which provides senior direction and oversight of the response to the situation).


The Incident Management Group work together to identify the issues that have occurred as a result of the situation and the immediate actions that need to be taken to address the issues. For more information, see the Incident Management Group page.


The President's Executive Group provides strategic direction and determines the priorities for the Incident Management Group. For more information, see the President's Executive Group pageBoth groups can either meet in person or liaise virtually depending on the situation.