1. The President Executive Group (PEG) may be called upon during an incident to provide strategic direction and support to the Incident Management Group (IMG).

2. PEG's remit includes, but is not limited to:

  • Oversee the IMG response and provide strategic direction where necessary.
  • Agree the media and communications strategy, and authorise any proposed immediate communication messages from IMG.
  • Approve key decisions proposed by IMG.


3. Should the incident have the potential to significantly disrupt operations and/or affect the reputation of the College, then IMG will inform PEG. 


4. PEG will consist of all members of the President’s Executive Group. If a Faculty is particularly affected it may be appropriate for that Faculty Dean to join PEG.


5. Should PEG consider it appropriate to meet on-site then they would normally meet in the President’s or Provost’s office.


6. IMG will provide initial and ongoing briefing on:

  • The situation (facts and assumptions);
  • IMG attendees;
  • Proposed IMG objectives;
  • Actions completed and actions being taken to address the situation.

7. PEG may consider:

  • Strategic intent;
  • Whether to approve or modify IMG objectives;
  • Medium and long term risks;
  • Strategic tasks;
  • Media and communications strategy (including whether to approve any proposed IMG communications).

PEG will inform IMG of the strategic intent, approved or modified IMG objectives, and communications.