The strategic objective of Imperial College London is to achieve enduring excellence in research and education in science, engineering, medicine and business for the benefit of society.  The University recognises that disruptions such as incidents and crises are inevitable, and it needs to be resilient to continue to deliver its mission. 

Business Continuity is the capability to continue the delivery of products and services within acceptable timeframes at a predefined capacity during a disruption (ISO 22301:2019).  It is also a key enabler of organisational resilience - the capability of the organisation to prevent, detect, identify, prepare for, respond to, withstand, and recover from disruptions.  

The purpose of the Business Continuity Policy is to safeguard and support the delivery of the University's strategic mission in the event of any disruption.  To do this it will deliver on the following objectives:

  • Ensure compliance with its duty of care towards the University community.
  • Ensure compliance with Regulatory requirements including the Office for Student’s Terms and Conditions requirement for robust and comprehensive Risk Management.
  • Ensure the prioritised continuation of research and education. 
  • Protect the reputation and financial stability of the University.
  • Ensure that Business Continuity is aligned to the strategic objectives of the University.
  • Ensure a consistent approach towards Business Continuity across the University and as appropriate with the Imperial College Healthcare Trust.   
  • Ensure that all Faculties, Services, Institutes and Departments have effective Business Continuity Plans with trained and exercised staff. 
  • Be assured of the resilience of the University's supply chain.
  • Ensure the capability to respond to Incidents and Crises.
  • Develop Organisational Resilience in the University.
  • Be an exemplar of Business Continuity to Higher Education establishments.
  • Show alignment with the International Standard for Business Continuity, ISO 22301:2019. 
  • At all times to show consistency with the University's Values.

Implementation of this Policy will be through a Business Continuity Management Programme.  This Programme will set out how Business Continuity will be implemented and followed by all Faculties, Schools, Institutes and Departments.  The Programme will include:

  • Governance structures.
  • Guidance for undertaking Business Continuity Management.
  • The University Incident & Crisis Management Plan with ancillary documentation.
  • A Training and Exercising Programme. 

 This Policy will be reviewed every three years.