Governance: Annex C:  Major Incident Review Terms of Reference

Major Incident Review Terms of Reference

1. After a major incident there may be a number of Reviews undertaken both by external bodies and departments affected.  The purpose of this review is, taking account of the other reviews, for the College to establish what occurred and why, what went well and what lessons can be learnt to improve the management of such an incident.

2. To interview people as necessary and consider other reports into the incident to determine why and how this incident occurred

3. To review whether the arrangements relating to work in ……..met with existing College guidance and specific relevant advice given by:
a. Line management
b. Induction and training programmes
c. Risk assessments for the work being undertaken
d. Relevant Codes of Practice and procedures
e. Normal working practices, including those for overnight running
f. Emergency arrangements

4. To consider whether existing College arrangements and/or working practices are satisfactory in reducing the occurrence of potentially significant incidents to acceptable levels.

5. If existing arrangements and/or working practices are found to be unsatisfactory, to make recommendations that will significantly reduce the occurrence of such similar incidents.



TBA (typically a senior academic from a non-affected department))


Director of Safety

Director of Risk Management

Director of Estates Facilities

Director of ICT

Others as considered approporiate


A report will be provided to the College Secretary normally within three months from the start of the review.