Terms of Reference and Constitution


Terms of Reference

  1. To oversee the development and monitor the implementation of the College’s Risk and Business Continuity Management systems and associated policies and procedures.
  2. To keep under review the College’s Risk and Business Continuity planning and testing of those plans.
  3. To act as a focus for and co-ordinate College Risk and Business Continuity planning and execution.
  4. To monitor relevant regulations.
  5. To act as an interchange for information, ideas and best practice relating to Risk and Business Continuity.
  6. To review the College Risk Register bi-annually.
  7. To review its own terms of reference and constitution and those of its subordinate committees annually.



  • The College Secretary


  • The Director of Risk Management
  • The Director of Safety
  • The Head of Business Continuity
  • The Director of Human Resources
  • The Director of Student Services
  • Faculty Operating Officers from each of the Faculties/Business School
  • Director of Estates Facilities
  • Head of Governance - Information & Communication Technologies
  • The Director of Campus Services
  • The Head of Central Secretariat
  • The Director of Communications
  • The Director of Occupational Health
  • Imperial College Union Managing Director

One senior member of staff from:

  • Finance
  • Or other empowered delegate

Other advisors may be invited to attend on an ad hoc basis.

In Attendance:

The Risk Manager


The Scholarships and Governance Officer


8. The Risk & Business Continuity Steering Committee reports to the Provost’s Board and is to provide it with an annual report in October.


9. The Committee shall meet not less than twice a year. 


The quorum shall be the Chairman, two Faculty representatives, and three other members which shall include representatives from ICT and Estates Facilities Operations.