Information Governance Policy Framework

Version : 4.0
Status : Approved
Date : 21/10/2022
Approved by : The Information Governance Steering Group
Review by : 21/10/2023 

This document sets out the Imperial College London Information Governance Policy Framework.


 This document constitutes the Imperial College London Information Governance Policy Framework (in short, the “Framework”).  It gives an overview of the policies, codes of practice and guidelines that apply to information governance at the College and sets out it’s commitment to providing information governance training and increasing awareness in this area.

 This Framework pulls together all the requirements for information governance so that all College information is processed legally, securely, efficiently and effectively.  Information plays a key part in the College’s day to day operations and governance.  The quality of the College’s services, planning, performance measurement, assurance and financial management relies upon accurate and available information.  Robust information governance requires clear and effective management and accountability structures, governance processes, documented policies and procedures, trained staff and adequate resources. Accordingly, this Framework sets out the requirements, standards and best practice that apply to the handling of information. 

 Information governance is a key responsibility of every member of the College’s community.  Everyone has a part to play in implementing and embedding our policies and codes of conduct into the College’s working practices. So, College staff, students and authorised third parties having access to College data must familiarise themselves with this Framework and the policies it describes. 

The aim of this Framework is to help the College: 

  • comply with its legal, regulatory and contractual obligations;
  • maintain robust corporate governance;
  • deliver high quality services;
  • deliver value for money and protect the public funds entrusted to it;
  • put in place appropriate business continuity arrangements;continuously improve the way we handle, utilise and protect College information.