Hayley Wong, Imperial College Union President shares her experience of being a member of Council

Council is the governing body that oversees the general strategic direction of the College. It has various powers, such as establishing Ordinances and defining the academic structure of the College. It meets every few months to receive reports from the Chair, President, Provost, and ICU President, and discuss items such as infrastructure plans and international student recruitment. Membership includes senior leadership, external members, staff, and students. 

I became a member of Council without having prior experience of being a trustee. However, both internal and external members of Council have been nothing but welcoming and supportive. Being a Council member involves reviewing and scrutinising the agenda items sent prior to the meeting, and voicing any questions, opinions, or concerns at the meeting. As a student member, I was also able to bring the student perspective into Council discussion. 

As Council comprises a majority of external members, it is important that there are members who are able to contribute an internal perspective to the discussions. An increase in both the number and diversity of staff and student members will ensure that various perspectives, with insight into different areas of the College, can be taken into account in decisions made by Council. 

I would advise staff to apply if you are at all interested in being able to have a say on the running of Imperial. Being a trustee of a large organisation is a unique and eye-opening experience. As well as contributing to the community, you will develop new skills outside your day-to-day role.