Terms of Reference

Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference

Approved by the Council on 14 July 2017


  • Mr John Cullen (Chair)
  • Professor Jeremry Sanders (External Member of Council)
  • Mr Chris Williams (External Member of Council)
  • Sir Jonathan Michael (External Member of Council)

In attendance (as appropriate)

  • Professor Alice Gast
  • Ms Rachel Knight (secretary)
  • Mr Muir Sanderson
  • Mr John Neilson
  • Professor Ian Walmsley
  • Mr Tony Lawrence
  • internal auditors
  • external auditors
  • Professor Nick Jennings
  • Professor Simone Buitendijk
  • Ms Milena Radoycheva
  • Dr Surrinder Johal
  • Mr Abhijay Sood