The Director of Human Resources


  • One representative from each of the Faculties, appointed by Deans of Faculty, usually the Faculty Operations Officer
  • The Director of Estates Facilities, representing Support Services

Trade Unions

At least two representatives appointed by each of the three College recognised trade unions - UCU, Unison, and Unite

In attendance

  • Director of Safety
  • Director of Occupational Health
  • Head of Central Secretariat
  • Chief Fire Officer
  • Imperial College Union Deputy President (Welfare)
  • Learning and Development Centre Administration Manager
  • Learning and Development Consultant (Safety)

Other advisors, may be invited to attend on an ad hoc basis, eg College Health and Safety Auditor, Head of Learning and Development


Scholarships and Governance Officer

Terms of Reference

A copy of the Committee's Terms of Reference and constitution may be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

Terms of Reference

Key functions of the Committee:

  1. the study of accident and notifiable disease statistics and trends, so that reports can be made to management on unsafe and unhealthy conditions and practices, together with recommendations for corrective action;

  2. consideration of aggregated absence statistics and reasons for such absences on a similar basis;

  3. examination of management's safety audit reports;

  4. consideration of reports and factual information provided by Inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive;

  5. consideration of reports which health and safety representatives may wish to submit following inspections;

  6. assistance in the development of safety rules and safe systems of work;

  7. a watch on the effectiveness of the health and safety content of employee training;

  8. a watch on the adequacy of safety and health communication and publicity in the workplace;

  9. the provision of a link with the appropriate enforcing authority.