Terms of reference

The President's Board is chaired by the President. Its primary function is to plan for and address issues of broad, strategic, and College-wide significance. It identifies, endorses and approves strategic initiatives, governance matters and major policies, in addition to the College’s financial strategy.

Items to be considered by the President’s Board include:

• College Strategy
• High level strategic risks relevant to the College Strategy
• Strategic aspects of estates, the College Masterplan, international engagements, external relationships, partnerships and fundraising.
• Developing proposals for the College’s future annual budget for both income and capital expenditure, and medium/long term financial plans, during each Planning Round.
• Any other items of a strategic nature referred by Provost’s Board or the Executive Group.


• President, Professor Alice Gast (Chair)
• Provost, Professor Ian Walmsley
• Vice President (Advancement), Mr Michael Murphy
• Vice President (Communications and Public Affairs), Mr Luke Blair
• Chief Financial Officer, Mr Muir Sanderson
• College Secretary, Mr John Neilson
• Vice-Provost (Education), Professor Simone Buitendijk
• Vice Provost (Research and Enterprise), Professor Nick Jennings
• Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Professor Nigel Brandon
• Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Jonathan Weber
• Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Professor Richard Craster
• Dean of the Imperial College Business School, Professor Francisco Veloso
• Ms Amanda Wolthuizen (Secretary)

Directors reporting to the President or Provost may also be invited to attend meetings of the President’s Board.