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The Operations Committee is a formal sub-committee of the Provost’s Board. It brings together leaders of Imperial’s largest operational units to coordinate, review and prioritise initiatives across the services that support the College’s academic mission.


Terms of Reference

•To provide a forum to coordinate delivery of operational services to support the academic mission of the College.
•To develop, review and monitor priorities and plans across functions and ensure that these are aligned with College and Faculty strategies.
•To oversee cross-College change and improvement programmes to implement change and realise benefits.
•To evaluate and prioritise development requests for ICT support services product lines, interfacing with the Education and Research Committees where appropriate.
•To agree and review key performance indicators and service level agreements for the College’s support services.
•To initiate and evaluate ways in which to raise overall performance across functions and encourage a cross-institutional culture of innovation and improvement.
•To share relevant information and ensure effective cascade of information and agreed messages within functions.
•To take ownership of actions arising from key sources of service user feedback.
•To collaborate with the wider Support Services Network on cross-service priorities, plans and issues.
If you wish to submit a paper to the Operations Committe, please download and complete the Operations Committee Cover Sheet .

Operations Committee Members

Membership also includes:

Graeme Rae - Faculty Operating Officer, Natural Sciences

Richard Johnson  - Faculty Operating Officer, Business School

Zoe Paxton - Director of Communications

Subject matter experts from across the College, including directors of other services, periodically attend the Committee to provide insight and discuss specific matters on relevant items of business.


Meeting Dates


To meet accessibility guidelines, we encourage papers to include the following:

  • Consistent heading styles should be used to indicate grouping and add hierarchy to your content.
  • All figures, tables, charts etc (including in appendices) are required to be clearly and consistently labelled.
  • All link text must be clear, descriptive, and understandable without contextual content (do not use click here or include the URL).
  • Please note, if required, it is the item lead's responsibility to ensure a fully accessible version of the paper submitted to Provost's Board is available on request.
    • To ensure accessibility, papers can be checked against the College's guidance on publishing accessible documents. Additionally, the latest version of Office (365) has an accessibility checker that highlights issues and solutions. To access, click on the Review tab within the document and then click Check Accessibility.