For all questions relating to the UMB, please contact Kathryn Charlesworth, Secretary to the Board, via  

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The University Management Board has replaced President's Board and Provost's Board. 


Terms of Reference

The University Management Board (UMB) is the guiding coalition advising the President on all major strategic, policy and operational issues, and reporting through the President to the University Council. The major functions of the UMB are as follows:

  • Identifying, guiding, overseeing and approving all major strategic initiatives, governance matters, policies and financial strategy.
  • Overseeing the university’s core academic mission of education, research and translation, and the Faculties and academic support services that deliver this mission.
  • Management of risk.
  • Prioritisation and allocation of resources.
  • Oversight of academic, operational and financial performance.

The UMB is supported in its work by formal sub-committees. The former President's Board and Provost's Board sub-committees will be discussed and approved at the first meeting in September. 


  • President, Professor Hugh Brady (Chair)
  • Provost, Professor Ian Walmsley (Deputy Chair)
  • Acting Chief Financial Officer, Tony Lawrence 
  • Assistant Provost (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), Professor Stephen Curry
  • Associate Provost (Estates Planning), Professor Martyn Boutelle
  • Chief Information Officer, Juan Villamil
  • College Secretary and General Counsel, Grainne Brankin
  • Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Professor Nigel Brandon
  • Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Jonathan Weber
  • Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Professor Richard Craster
  • Dean of the Imperial College Business School, Professor Francisco Veloso
  • Director of Academic Services, Richard Martin
  • Director of Campus Services, Jane Neary
  • Director of Communications, Zoe Paxton
  • Director of Enterprise, Dr Simon Hepworth
  • Director of Estates Operations, Nicholas Roalfe
  • Director of Financial Strategy, John Anderson
  • Director of HR, Harbhajan Brar
  • Director of Public Affairs and Chief of Staff to the President, Amanda Wolthuizen
  • Interim Vice-Provost (Education and Student Experience), Professor Peter Haynes
  • Vice-President (Advancement), Michael Murphy
  • Vice-President (International), Associate Provost (Academic Partnerships), Professor Maggie Dallman
  • Vice-Provost (Research & Enterprise), Professor Mary Ryan
  • Operations and Projects Officer, Kathryn Charlesworth (Secretary)

Colleagues reporting to the Board members may also be invited to attend specific agenda items. 


The UMB meets on the last Tuesday of each month. Meeting dates, paper deadlines and summaries from the meetings can be found below. 

Meeting Dates

2022/23 Meeting Dates and Paper Deadlines

Meeting datesPaper deadlines 
 27 September 2022  16 September 2022
 25 October 2022  14 October 2022
 29 November 2022  18 November 2022
 13 December 2022   2 December 2022
 31 January 2023   20 January 2023
 28 February 2023   17 February 2023
 28 March 2023  17 March 2023
 18 April 2023  7 April 2023
 23 May 2023  12 May 2023
 27 June 2023   16 June 2023
 25 July 2023  14 July 2023
Meeting dates and paper deadlines

2022/23 Meeting Summaries (internal only)

Meeting dates Summary 
 27 September 2022  
 25 October 2022  
 29 November 2022  
 13 December 2022   
 31 January 2023   
 28 February 2023   
 28 March 2023  
 18 April 2023  
 23 May 2023  
 27 June 2023   
 25 July 2023  
Meeting dates and paper deadlines


For all questions relating to the UMB, please contact Kathryn Charlesworth, Secretary to the Board, via  

Meeting Dates

Paper Deadline

Please send papers to the Secretary 7 working days before the meeting via

The paper deadlines can be viewed above. 

Paper Structure

Please ensure your paper adheres to the following guidelines:
  • The University Management Board Coversheet must be included.
  • Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length and include sufficient information for decision making. Any other material should be included as a separate appendix.
  • Please ensure a member of the UMB has approved the paper before submission.


To meet accessibility guidelines, we encourage papers to include the following:
  • Consistent heading styles should be used to indicate grouping and add hierarchy to your content.
  • All figures, tables, charts etc (including in appendices) are required to be clearly and consistently labelled.
  • All link text must be clear, descriptive, and understandable without contextual content (do not use click here or include the URL).
  • Please note, if required, it is the item lead's responsibility to ensure a fully accessible version of the paper submitted to UMB is available on request.
    • To ensure accessibility, papers can be checked against the College's guidance on publishing accessible documents. Additionally, the latest version of Office (365) has an accessibility checker that highlights issues and solutions. To access, click on the Review tab within the document and then click Check Accessibility.

President's Board and Provost's Board Archive

The UMB has replaced the President's Board and the Provost's Board. The President's Board and Provost's Board webpages are available to view, including previous meeting summaries.