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This class contains information about written protocols, policies and prcedures for delivering our services and responsibilities.

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InformationFormat & Charge

Policies and procedures for conducting university business - Codes of practice, memoranda of understanding, procedural rules, standing orders etc.

Procedures for handling requests for information.

[Online] - Ordinances (Free)

[Online] - Code of Practice on Requests for Information (Free)

Procedures relating to academic services - see also class 2 "What our priorities are and how we are doing". Information about honorary degrees. Procedures for changing course, regulations and policy on student assessment, appeal procedures and policy on breach of assessment regulations.

[Online] - Honorary Degrees (Free)

[Online] - Registry procedures and regulations (Free)

[Online] - Course transfer

[Online] - Academic and Examination Regulations

Procedures and policies relating to student services - student admissions and registration, accommodation, management of student records system, assessment of external qualifications, internal student complaints and appeals, student support services and code of student discipline. 

[Online] - Registry (Free)

[Online] - Registry Forms, Procedures and Regulations (Free)

[Online] - Admissions (Free)

[Online] - Student Accommodation (Free)

[Online] - Complaints and appeals (Free)

[Online] - Student support services (Free)

[Online] - Code of Student Discipline (Free)

Procedures and policies relating to human resources including terms and conditions of employment, collective bargaining and consultation with trade unions, grievance, disciplnary, harassment and bullying, public interest disclosure, staff development (including induction, probation, appraisal, promotions).

[Online] - HR Procedures and Policies (Free)

[Online] - Conditions of employment (Free)

[Online] - Disciplinary (Free)

[Online] - Harassment and Bullying (Free)

[Online] - Whistleblowing (Free)

[Online] - Staff Learning and Development (Free)

Procedures and policies relating to recruitment

[Online] - Recruitment and Selection Procedures (Free)

[Online] - Employment opportunities (Free)

Code of conduct for members of governing bodies  
Equality and diversity [Online] - Equality and Diversity pages (Free)
Health and Safety

[Online] - Safety Department website (Free)

[Online] - Health and Safety Policies (Free)

[Online] - Health and Safety Committees (Free)

Estate Management [Online] - Estates Facilities website (Free)
Complaints Policy

[Online] - Students (Free)

[Online] - Staff grievance procedure (Free) 

[Online] - Freedom of Information (Free)

Records management and personal data policies

[Online] - Corporate Records Unit and College Archive (Free)

[Online] - Records retention schedule (Free)

[Online] - Information Systems Security Policies (Free)

[Online] - Data Protection Policy and related information (Free)

Research policy and strategy

[Online] - Research Services (Free)

Intellectual Property Policy [pdf] - Intellectual Property policy

Charging regimes and policies