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Generally, this class is an extension of part of the first class of information. While the first class provides information on the roles and responsibilities of the College, this class includes details of the services which are provided by the College internationally, nationally and locally as a result of them. It will also relate to information covered in other classes.

Information block

Table of resources

InformationFormat and Charges

[Online] - Postgraduate (Free or hard copy available for a fee)

[Online] - Undergraduate (Free or hard copy available for a fee)

Services for outside bodies  
Course content [Online] - Courses (Free)
Student funding

[Online] - Hardship funds (Free)

[Online] - Bursaries (Free)

Welfare and Counselling

[Online] - General Welfare advice for students (Free)

[Online] - Student Counselling Service

[Online - Report Issue 162] - Care First for staff (Free)

Health including medical services

[Online] - Imperial College Health Centre (Free)

[online] Dentist Surgery, Prince's Gardens SW7 (0207 594 9396)

[Online] - Occupational Health Service (Free)

Careers [Online] - Careers Service (Free)
Chaplaincy services [Online] - Faith and Chaplaincy (Free)
Services for which the university is entitled to recover a fee together with those fees  
Sports and recreational facilities

[Online] - Sport Imperial (Free)

See also ICU Clubs and Societies [Online] (Free)

[Online] - Arts Imperial (Free)

Museums, libraries, special collections and archives

[Online] - Library (Free)

[Online] - Library - Special Collections (Free)

[Online] - Corporate Records Unit and College Archives (Free)

[Online] - Archive catalogues (Free)

[Online] - Blyth Gallery (Free)

Conference facilities [Online] - Conference and Events (Free)
Advice and guidance

[Online] - Welfare Handbook (Free)

[Online] - Advice for parents (Free)

Local campaigns  
Media releases

[Online] - Media (Free)

[Online] - Communications department webpages (Free)

Alumni [Online] - Alumni (Free)