Aerial view of Dalby Court with a student sitting on the coloured blocks

We monitor how Imperial College is governed, organised and operates.

The Central Secretariat's role is to monitor and keep under review the College's governance (the way the College is organised and operates) to ensure that:

  • the College complies with its legal obligations;
  • the College's governance is aligned with best practice in the sector; and
  • the College optimises its effectiveness in achieving its mission.

It does so by providing high quality committee support service to the College's principal governance and management committees, legal support, copyright advice and the management of corporate archives/records.

The College Secretary has overall responsibility for the Central Secretariat.

See Central Secretariat oganisation chart here: Central Secretariat Organisation Chart (2022)

The Central Secretariat supports the College in five key areas:

Showcase area

Committee support


We monitor the College's governance process and ensure its effective operation, and are responsible for managing the College's policies and procedures for value for money.

Legal and Information Governance support

We provide legal advice to the College, its officers and institutions in respect of the day to day activities of the College including advice in relation to Data Protection and Freedom of Information.


We manage the College's copyright licences and advise departments on copyright matters where they do not relate to research contracts.

Corporate Records

We ensure that the College's corporate records are managed efficiently to support its core functions and to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations; we also offer advice and guidance on records management to academic and administrative departments and divisions.