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Imperial College Trust

About Imperial College Trust

The Imperial College Trust (formerly the Queen’s Gate Trust) is an independent charity governed by a Board of Trustees (Registered Charity Number 273071), whose objects include the promotion of charitable purposes for the benefit of the College and the support of research projects in connection with subjects taught at the College. The activities of the Trust are supported by donations from third parties and by the careful stewardship of existing assets.

The Trust has two distinct parts: a general fund, which is used to provide support for students and activities within the College; and a number of restricted funds which are used to fund research, primarily in the Faculty of Medicine.

The General Fund


Applications for funding

Please click the button on the right for information on how to apply to the General Fund for a conference grant or for support with a student-led project.  Please read the information carefully to check that you meet all of the relevant eligibility criteria before completing and submitting an application.

The Trustees will consider applications to the General Fund for:

  1. Conference funding to enable College students to attend conferences to which they have been invited to present their research;
  2. Student-led Projects which have a voluntary/charitable aim.


Donations to the General Fund

Unrestricted donations from third parties are welcomed.  The Trust Accountant, Chris Green should be contacted to discuss the procedure.

Restricted Funds

Where a third party wishes to make a donation to IC Trust for a particular purpose (such as the funding of research in a particular area), the Trust Administrator should be contacted to discuss the donation and the application procedure. 

Speculative applications to the Restricted Funds are not encouraged.

Please contact the Trust Administrator, Chris Green regarding applications to the Restricted Funds.