Meetings are held twice per month and the agenda alternates to focus on different pillars of the enabling roadmap, whilst retaining flexibility to take items from across the portfolio as needed.

Papers should be sent to the Operations and Infrastructure mailbox at 

Meeting Dates Pillar Paper deadline
Thursday 11 July 3pm 2024 Great Support  Wednesday 3 July 
Tuesday 30 July 10am 2024 Great Environment Monday 22 July 
Thursday 12 September 10am 2024 Great Support  Wednesday 4 September 
Tuesday 24 September 1pm 2024 Great Environment Monday 16 September 

Thursday 10 October 10am 2024

Great Support  Wednesday 2 October 
Thursday 24 October 2:30pm 2024 Great Environment Wednesday 16 October 
Thursday 14 November 10am 2024 Great Support  Wednesday 6 November 
Tuesday 26 November 11:30am 2024 Great Environment Monday 18 November 

Thursday 12 December 1pm 2024

Great Support 

Tuesday 4 December

Guidance for paper submission

Please ensure your paper adheres to the following guidelines and that the Operations and Infrastructure Cover Sheet must be included.

Cover sheets

Cover sheets should: 

  • be completed and included with all papers
  • not exceed one page in length
  • confirm that a member of the Operations and Infrastructure Committee has approved the paper as Executive Lead

The Executive Summary section should: 

  • highlight key points including:
    • whether a proposal requires additional resource or funding and/or whether delivery will have an impact on existing resource
    • are there workload implications?
    • whether an Equality Impact Assessment is required and has been completed or does this have sustainability implications?
    • does this require support from Communications?

Please note key points in the executive summary and address them in the paper itself rather than the cover sheet.

Executive Summaries are not required for dashboards and other short items which are submitted for the Board to Note. For these items, please insert ‘Not required’. 


Papers should: 

  • be a maximum of six slides or pages in length unless otherwise stated in the commissioning email. This limit includes appendices and supporting information unless prior discussion and approval from the secretariat
  • be clear on rationale for recommendations and include sufficient information to support OIC to make a decision
  • not include acronyms, and in line with our new branding should not refer to the institution as ‘the College’ (instead ‘Imperial’ or ‘the university’)

Deadline and submission

Please send papers and their cover sheets to by the deadline stated in the cover sheet (usually a minimum of six working days before the meeting).