Operations and Infrastructure Committee members represent those who are accountable for realising the enabling roadmap strategic ambitions, directly own delivery of significant initiatives, or contribute their knowledge, expertise and challenge to help shape and champion the work of the committee.

There are additional members in attendance for each of our meetings to provide specific expertise.

Operations and Infrastructure Committee Membership


Core members

Robert Kerse (Chair) - Chief Operating Officer
Richard Martin (Deputy Chair) - Registrar and University Secretary 

Harbharjan Brar - Director of Human Resources
Karen Foster - Director of Strategic Programmes and Change
Tony Lawrence - Chief Financial Officer
Patrick Marsh - Chief Property Officer
Zoe Paxton - Director of Communications
Graeme Rae - Faculty Operating Officer (Natural Sciences)
Tim Venables - Faculty Operating Officer (Engineering)
Chris Watkins - Faculty Operating Officer (Medicine)
Richard Johnson - Faculty Operating Officer (Business School)
Jenny Rae - Chief Information Officer
Sarah Cary - Chief Development Officer White City
Hash Rai - Deputy Director Strategic Programmes Portfolio

Members for Great Support & Great People

Lynne Cox - Director of Research Office
Peter Haynes - Vice-Provost (Education and Student Experience)
Jane Neary - Director of Campus Operations

Members for Great Environment

Harriet Wallace - Director of Sustainability    
Martyn Boutelle - Associate Provost (Estates Planning)    

Please note: additional attendees may also be invited to attend specific agenda items.